Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Professional Advice - Always Best

Regulated, Qualified and Professional Advice

If you need advice, please email me.

My own connections included the following professionals;

  • Regulated financial advisers
There are many people and organisations who call themselves ‘financial advisers’ without any qualifications and no regulatory body such as FCA (UK) or DGS and CNMV (Spain). I will only recommended regulated and fully qualified advisers who’s services I have checked.

Value for money comes from open and clear commissions and charges declared in an honest way. Hidden charges and undeclared commissions should always be avoided. For a referral to a suitably qualified & regulated adviser, please email me.

All advisers I refer HAVE been checked

  • Suitably qualified accountants and professional lawyers
Both the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Law Society have qualified professionals working in Spain. Whilst you may have a good local source for advice, the professional standing of these people cannot be denied. If you need a referral, please email me.

You are further protected as all qualified professionals will carry ‘Professional Indemnity Insurance’ (PI) just in case anything goes wrong.

Unless your situation is very complex, I would expect most professionals to give you an estimate of costs upfront.

  • Chartered surveyors in Spain
Similarly, I can recommend UK qualified Surveyors. Please email me to be referred

  • Estate Agents
This is an area of service which is by definition very local. You could already know of a local estate agent with a good local reputation. If this is not the case I can recommend you to a Member of the Association of International Property Professionals.

  • Company formation for property ownership
This is a very specialised service and is often used to save on Spanish Inheritance Tax (ISD). There is a service on my blog under the heading ‘Check your Spanish Inheritance Tax Liability’ to the right of this article.

The service involves the formation of a UK company to own a property in Spain. It involves UK law for the formation of the company and Spanish contracts, translations and knowledge of Spanish law. For this reason, the company concerned has offices in both UK and Spain.

  • Foreign Exchange
I set up La Torre Fx – Foreign Exchange with the specific objective of beating the banks. This is a service and it is worth checking out, with easy access on the right of the blog.

La Torre Fx – Foreign Exchange is linked to a highly professional ‘trading platform’ provided by FTT Global. All of the necessary regulations are in place;

Key Facts about FTT Global:

·        Registered in the United Kingdom - Company Number 5685288
·        Regulated by FCA - Registration Number 503228
·        Regulated by HMRC - Registration Number 12231114
·        Registered for Client Data Protection - ICO Number Z9470988
·        Underwritten by A Rated Insurer
·        Corporate Bankers - Barclays Bank PLC
·       Get the best rate today

If you email please let me know your question and where you live. I may be able to answer myself, just point you in the right direction or refer you to a suitably qualified person.

For more detailed reading you may wish to look at previous posts to my Blog

Please remember that my Blog is about unbiased, factual financial information. You can look elsewhere for information but remember that an advert will certainly be biased towards the company who paid for it. I have no problem with that but remember it’s biased!

David Goodall
Financial Pages in Spain