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'Financial Pages in Spain' achieves 500,000 Pageviews

‘Financial Pages in Spain’ provides information for English - speaking expats and owners of Spanish Property

Normally, I write an ANNUAL Readers' Favourites at this time of the year. I'm varying that this because on December 27th 2017 'Financial Pages in Spain' achieved 500,000 Pageviews. It seems more appropriate, therefore, to publish the ALL-TIME READER'S FAVOURITES

·        La Torre Fx - Foreign Exchange beating the banks 
·        QROPS - UK Pension Transfers
·        Hidden Costs & Charges
·         UK Assets worth £ Billions REMAIN unclaimed
·        EU 261 Flight delay compensation: YOURS RIGHTS

La Torre Fx – Foreign Exchange – Better than the bank

The post was the most popular in the lifetime of 'Financial Pages in Spain' and regularly features as the trending article each month. With current Sterling exchange rates being historically poor , this is a GREAT PLACE to make a comparison and to By-Pass YOUR bank.

This excellent service, with rates to beat the banks and high quality customer service, by linking to the very best Foreign Exchange Platform – FTT Global. The service offers great rates on all major currencies

Being a MONEY TRANSFER service it is straightforward to compare with the banks.

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

Always a popular post even more so since the changes made by the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer in the last TWO Budgets. On reflection, the notice of extra charges, also known as a TAX, might be bad news, yet most expats living in Spain will not be affected. Notice I said ‘most’. Whilst it has become increasingly NECESSARY to seek Qualified and Regulated Advice, the changes in the 2017 budget make this VITAL.

In addition, the changes are different in EEA (European Economic Area) countries which includes all of the EU. In my opinion, if Britain leaves the EU and the Single Market the EXTRA TAX is likely to apply WORLDWIDE. REGULATED ADVICE IS VITAL

·               QROPS post


There are £ Billions awaiting rightful owners in the
The most common reason for mislaying assets is change of address. That of course will apply to the vast majority of expats.  It only takes about 5 or 10 minutes to check and even the most careful can find misplaced funds!

There are many different types of funds you might find, including shares, pensions, National Savings inc Premium Bonds, bank accounts, Building Society savings and much more. Please check the links in my post

·         Lost accounts 


It’s worth checking if you are paying TOO MUCH for charges attached to financial & pension products.
However, if you have a personal financial adviser, who constantly gives ongoing good service, they will explain and deserve payment. But please make sure there are no charges deducted where no service is given and especially if they were NOT DISCLOSED

·         Hidden Charges

5. FLIGHT DELAYS: EU 261 gives your RIGHTS

It is your right, using EU 261 and confirmed by UK Courts to seek financial recourse. The post here largely covers my five year war of words with Ryanair to get compensated. But claimants now will get their rights much more quickly. My article gives useful links to help with the process. If you’ve had a flight delay YOU might be DUE welcome compensation by RIGHT!

·         Flight Delay Compensation

If I can help, I gladly will – 'Financial Pages in Spain' is an INFORMATION site with NO ADVERTS

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