Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July 2012 Review - Financial Pages in Spain

Taxation, Pensions and Positive Spain were the most popular posts during July 2012

Positive Spain? You may justifiably ask ‘why’ but it’s what the readers made the number one read post during July. Spain – The Sun still Shines’ looks through the economic gloom at life in Spain

There were two outstanding Taxation issues which were most popular in the last month

Spanish Inheritance Tax (ISD)
This detailed post sets out the essential differences between Spanish ISD and UK Inheritance Tax (IHT). It goes into detail of how the ISD works and the fundamental need for professional advice

Five Taxes which affect Non-Residents
Originally written in April 2012, its popularity was maintained through July 2012. ‘Financial Pages in Spain’ can provide a PDF version, if required, by sending an email request. The full post is;

Making up the top five read posts during July 2012 were two very relevant and current Pensions matters

UK Pension plan or scheme but you live in Spain
In many respects, this article is essentially about knowing your rights and what your options are. Many people who have contacted me are very pleasantly surprised about their choices.

Additional QROPS – Update
Reading the popular and free press naturally limits information that the advertisers want to feed you. Readers of ‘Financial Pages in Spain have expressed surprise at finding a high quality (low volume) alternative. Maybe it’s in part as I have an exclusive arrangement which will NEVER be advertised in the Press.

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‘Financial Pages in Spain continues to grow, as I can see from the statistics. Whilst Spain and UK dominate the views of both the Website and Blog, there have been readers from 49 other countries including New Zealand, Malta, France and also Russia. The growth in Ireland has been very noticeable.

Any issues which arise can be answered on an individual basis if you email me. I’m happy to receive questions from anywhere but my real expertise relates to the UK and Spain.

I am happy to take suggestions from readers about future articles. Please email me with your own ideas or issues that you think need raising.

David Goodall
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