Friday, 1 June 2012

May 2012 Review – Financial Pages in Spain

Topical issues

May 2012 was the second best month in the history of ‘Financial Pages in Spain’. There are many changes taking place which affect property owners and expats in Spain. Following this blog is a great way of keeping up to date.  Follow

At the end of the calendar month, I like to reflect on the main issues and topics on ‘Financial Pages in Spain’ during May 2012. The issues which were most read during the month covered these subjects

  • QROPS 2012

  • Non-Resident Taxes in Spain

  • Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

These are the issues that contributed the most readership. I’m always pleased to receive emails either to seek further advice or to comment on my articles.

Using the statistics provided by my service contractor, I can also indicate the most popular posts in terms of the number of people who visited the pages. They were, in order;

  1. New Generation QROPS 2012

Major changes have been made by the UK Government to the rules and regulations about Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). Though only formally announced on 21st March 2012, these changes became effective from the start of the new UK Tax Year on 6th April 2012.

New Generation QROPS shows more detail.

  1. Five Non-Resident Spanish Taxes

It has been gratifying to see this post as a popular selection since it shows that it is read not only by expats who have become Spanish residents but also Non-Resident Property Owners. One disturbing aspect is that I have had people say that they ‘did not know’ about taxes that are due until they received final notices or maybe worse, letters to their UK address!

I was also contacted by a responsible Estate Agent who is using the information for his clients. I can send a .pdf format leaflet for anyone who asks. Just email me

  1. Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion

Question: What is the difference between Tax Avoidance and tax Evasion?

Answer: A prison cell

Somewhat dramatic but since tax evasion is illegal and can lead to a prison sentence (in Spain or the UK) well worth remembering. Tax avoidance, though not illegal does sometimes come into sharp focus, as organisations seek to find loopholes in legislation.

Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion is the detailed post, including definitions

* * * * * * *

Financial Pages in Spain continues to grow, as I can see from the statistics. Whilst Spain and UK dominate the views of both the Website and Blog, there have been readers from many other countries including France, Malta and Canada. There is also a big readership in Ireland.

Any issues which arise can be answered on an individual basis if you email me. I’m happy to receive questions from anywhere but my real expertise relates to the UK and Spain.

I am happy to take suggestions from readers about future articles. Please email me with your own ideas or issues that you think need raising.

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Thank you for previous feedback and requests for referral. I’m looking forward now – June is my favourite month of the year in Spain


David Goodall
Financial Pages in Spain