Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Getting Professional Advice

IMPORTANT : I never recommend advisers who charge up front fees

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This is one of the major issues affecting British and Irish expats and property owners in Spain. On first view it may not look ‘major’ but I know from emails received that it certainly is, especially if things go wrong.

No trick question but where do think is the best place to seek advice?

  • Hearsay. The classic quote I hear so often is ‘I heard somewhere  ……’ What often follows is either wrong or out of date!

  • An unauthorised, non regulated and unqualified person or company who call themselves an ‘adviser’. Always ask about their qualifications.

  • A properly trained, fully qualified, authorised and regulated, individual or company who not only give you the best advice, but as part of their professionalism carry PI (professional indemnity) cover in case things go wrong.

Is there really a choice?

Why would you not use a professional? If you think that cost might be a problem, ask up front! I am playing my part in establishing why expats should always get PROFESSIONAL advice, whilst at the same time convincing professionals that their advice should represent VALUE FOR MONEY.

Apart from owning property in Spain for ten years and originally struggling to find professional advice, in the last year and a half through my Blog I have found many professionals. If you need advice, please email me.

My own connections included the following professionals;

  • Regulated financial advisers
  • Suitably qualified accountants
  • Professional lawyers
  • Chartered surveyors in Spain
  • Members of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP)
  • Company formation for property ownership specialists

If you email please let me know your question and where you live. I may be able to answer myself, just point you in the right direction or refer you to a suitably qualified person.

Never trust Unauthorised Advisers

I always recommended qualified and regulated advisers

Please remember that my Blog is about unbiased, factual financial information. You can look elsewhere for information but remember that an advert will certainly be biased towards the company who paid for it. I have no problem with that but remember it’s biased!

David Goodall
Financial Pages in Spain


 "I stumbled across David's blog one Sunday afternoon when looking for advice on living and working in Spain. 

Each post encouraged me to email him for advice, so I did. However, imagine my surprise when I got an answer a few hours later. Don't forget this is a Sunday! He's referred me to a specialist who sounds like she can help.

Thanks again David.

Al Elliott, Manchester, UK '