Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hidden costs & charges

Are you paying for something you’re not receiving?

  • Renewal commission

  • ‘Trail’ commission

  • Ongoing ‘adviser’ costs

If you have an excellent Financial Adviser who not only did a great job for you in the first place but continues to give you service, this does not apply to you!

How closely do you look at statements you receive from your investment company or pension plan provider? Is there a charge for ongoing service by the adviser who set up the plan?

Do you receive a service from your adviser? Do you even remember who was the adviser?

Many people tell me that they don’t! So why are you paying? Well it’s in the fine print, in the Terms & Conditions which you signed. That doesn’t mean you can do nothing about it. If you don’t know if there’s a charge and receive no service you can still write to the company concerned and ask them to stop any payment from your account, plan or pension.

Financial Pages in Spain can also offer you a way out. You can ask by email for a template letter. You add your details, the details of your plan or policy plus the name & address of the investment company, insurance, QROPS or pension provider. If you have doubts just ask.

I hope that you have a good adviser, one you can trust and who gives you good service but I want to help you with the ones who don’t.

Just email if you have any queries

David Goodall
Financial Pages in Spain

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