Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Investments for Expats

Whilst mortgage payers and businesses, generally, welcome low interest rates, savers, investors and especially those needing an income, are often looking for a better return

Amongst the most common questions asked of ‘Financial Pages in Spain’ are these:

·        How can I get a better return on my money?

·        Can I get a better rate than my bank is offering?

·        Should I have my money in Euros or Sterling?

Without knowing individual circumstances and providing only generic solutions, I can give some ideas. More importantly, on an individual basis, I can refer you to a Regulated, Professional and Qualified adviser.

Its unlikely these will suit everyone but consider these:

1.    Consistent income
Everyone knows that all markets, including the Stockmarket, can fall as well as rise. However, it is still possible to get a consistent income level even from a fluctuating market.

Over the last five years, the stockmarkets have had four positive years and one negative year but you could have taken a level income of say 5% and still have seen your capital grow.

As always, past performance is no indicator of future returns. I have previously stated that individual advice is necessary.

It is also true that similar investments can be made in Gilt Edged Securities, Property Funds, Global Funds and other categories. All can accommodate the principle of taking a consistent level investment. It is also possible to spread the investments over a number of different categories.

Enquire further

2.    Sterling or Euros
In reality I might also add US Dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen or many more. That’s because you could invest in a ‘basket’ of currencies yet take your income in just one, e.g. Euros

This might be very sound, if like many people, you are concerned about the future of the euro.

It would be possible to construct a personal investment, to suit YOU on a similar basis to the Consistent Income idea mentioned above. Please ask to speak to a Regulated adviser.

3.    UK Property Investment
This UK Buy to Let opportunity provides the basis for both capital growth and a regular income. It suits expats who are happy to be ‘hands-off’ with the management, which is carried out on your behalf, whilst offering guaranteed returns

Importantly it’s an investment in the bricks & mortar not a fund. For those needing it, there are innovative financing arrangements available. Just ask me for a website link. This is an ideal investment for expats with a company offering a proven record of achievement.

4.    Offshore Financial Planning
There was a time when this was only really available to the ‘rich & famous’ though this is no longer the case. Any REGULATED adviser I recommend can provide this service.

It is difficult to summarise who might benefit but most expats have assets and interests in more than one country and often there can be an efficient offshore solution to your financial plans. Even if you are not sure, a few details about your circumstances will help to refer to the best adviser. Please let me know

5.    Estate Planning
There are so many misconceptions about who pays inheritance tax and where they pay it, Estate Planning should be an integral part of your investment plans. This should arise naturally from your Financial Plan.

I hope this gives readers reason to think about their plans. Additional reading from Financial Pages in Spain includes:

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