Sunday, 29 December 2013

Financial Pages in Spain – Annual Review

What’s caught the eye of readers in 2013? What stories have been most read? Is there something in the trends?

Trending, of course, is looking at topical popularity on Twitter. My own account is @davidgspain

I thought I’d share with you some interesting trends on my blog over the last year;

  1. My postbag, or should I more correctly call it my Inbox contained more questions, enquiries and requests for second opinions on the subject of QROPS than any other. People appear to be wary – Quite rightly, but my stance against unscrupulous ‘advisers’ seems appreciated. Read more about QROPS This subject is always popular.

  1. I wrote a post in early 2012 which I updated  in August 2013. It’s always been popular and shows how much help and information property owners need in Spain. ‘Five Non-Resident Spanish Taxes’ can be accessed here TAX Remember that not knowing is no defence.

  1. Another ever popular post is Getting Professional Advice’. Often the cost of putting something right is more than getting it right in the first place! Financial Advisers, Accountants, Lawyers, Surveyors and other professionals that I recommend NEVER CHARGE AN UP FRONT FEE. Read more here about the BEST ADVICE

Not surprisingly, this also contrasts with the activities of UNAUTHORISED ADVISERS . This update was triggered by the unfortunate experience of a reader.

  1. Unsurprisingly, Banks are not my readers’ favourite organisations. Their service is often poor and you never know whether they are giving YOU a good deal or just bagging a Bankers’ bonus! Foreign Exchange is typical.

You would think that transferring from one bank to another would be the most efficient and give you the best deal. BUT IT ISN’T.

La Torre Fx – Foreign Exchange uses the powerful FTT Global platform to give you fast efficient service and better exchange rates when you BY-PASS your bank. CHECK OUT La Torre Fx Foreign Exchange for ALL MAJOR CURRENCIES

Spain and the United Kingdom have always been the most popular in ‘audience’ figures for ‘Financial Pages in Spain’. UNSURPRISING! But recently there is a growth in readership in USA and France, you are very WELCOME.

I hope you enjoyed Financial Pages in Spain during 2013 and will continue to read in the future. Your comments or queries can be sent my email at your convenience.

Wish everyone a very happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year 2014

David Goodall
Financial Pages in Spain