Monday, 1 April 2013

Financial Pages in Spain – Readers’ favourites

First Quarter of 2013 - most popular posts by viewings

One of the best reasons for looking at viewing figures is that I am nearly always pleasantly surprised! But then it is what the readers found the most interesting not my choice.

The top three in order were;

  • Protecting your pensions, savings & investments is very topical given many problems in Europe, especially the recent Cyprus Bailout. This post gave an insight into Offshore Financial Planning. No longer the preserve of the rich and famous but an available wealth of knowledge and advice

  • Last summer I wrote a slightly tongue-in-cheek piece about The Sun always shining in Spain. It was in response to a barrage of negative Press especially from the Fleet Street and Wapping hacks. I set out the positive reasons for a life in Spain based on my own experience.

It’s now also become apparent that Spain is excellent for the lifestyle, so I produced an update of the original

  • This is a perennial favourite and in fact second on the all time list. Many people who move to Spain are unaware of the potential benefits they may receive from UK pensions. Do you know your rights?

One of the most common is the ability to take your pension EARLIER than your UK provider stipulates. It’s always worth checking. The post includes a list of types of UK pension plans & schemes plus a useful Q & A section.

So those are the readers favourites for the 1st quaerter of 2013. There is, however, one more I want to highlight. It received a significantly high number of ReTeweets on Twitter, as it was very relevant.

Not published until March 28th but already popular, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ suggests that you spread your savings & investments. HELP PROTECT YOURSELF

Look forward to the next quarter, the weather & lifestyle in Spain in particular.

 David Goodall
Financial Pages in Spain

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