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Financial and Legal Spanish to English Translations

A Comprehensive List of Terms & Expressions used in Spain

This check list is something you may want to keep for future reference and pass on to your nearest and dearest! Even those with good Spanish language skills might need this.

Abogado – Lawyer
Acta de notoriedad – Legal act or document
Acta notarial – Notary’s certificate (debts)
Actos juridicos documentados – Title registry
Agrupacion de Fincas – Group of country properties
Alta Castral - Land Registry inscription
API ( Agente de la Propiedad Immobilaria) – Official Estate Agent
Arrendamiento de obra – Building contract
Asiento de presentació- Provisional property inscription at the land registry
Boletin de engache – Supply report containing information on how much power and water a property is allowed
Cancelació -Cancellation
Cedula de habitabilidad – Habitation certificate
Certificación – Certification
Certificado bancario de devisas – Foreign currency bank certificate
Certificado final de obra – Building completion certificate
Código civil – Civil rights
Cómision de urbanismo – Building commission
Comunidad de propietarios – Community of owners
Condición resolutoria – Condition to cancel a contract
Condición suspensiva – Condition to postpone a contract
Contrato de arrendamiento – Rental contract
Contrato de opció- Optional contract, with the right to buy a property, usually with a 10% deposit
Contrao privado de compraventa – Private purchase contract
Copropietarios – Co-owner, when several people own a property together
Cuerpo cierto – Non variable condition. A condition that cannot be changed
Cuota – Instalment charges
Declaration de obra nueva – New build certificate
Demarcacióde Costas – Coastal
Derecho de retención – Deposit paid to the Onternal Revenue office if you are a Non Resident in Spain
Derecho de superficie – Land management rights
Derecho de tanteo/retracto – Purchasing rights enabling you to reserve an object which you may wish to purchase at a later date
Edificabilidad maxima – Construction limits
Embargo – Repossession
Escritura – Deeds
Escritura publico de compraventa – Public sale deeds
Fianza – Deposit
Finca – Country property
Finca registrada – Registered country property
Hacienda publica – Internal Revenue
Hipoteca – Mortgage
IBI ( Impuestosobre bienes immuebles) – Real Estate Tax
Impuesto de actos juridicos documentados – Documented legl acts tax, that is paid to lawyers
Impuesto de transmisiones patrimoniales – Property transfer tax, 6-7% of the indicated sum on the escritura
Impuesto sobre construcciones, instalaciones y obras – Construction and istallation tax
Impuesto sobre el patrimonio – Wealth tax
Impuesto sombre sucesiones y donaciones (ISD) – Succession and gift tax 
Impuestos municipals – Local tax
Información urbanistica c?dula – Urban planning department
Institución de heredero – Appoint an inheritor
IRPF – Income tax
Ley de arrendamientos urbanos – Local rental laws
Ley de la propiedad horizontal – Horizontal property tax
Ley del suelo – Floor area regulations
Licencia de obras – Building permission
Licencia de primera ocupación – First occupation licence
NIE ( número personal de identificación de extranjeros) – Non Spanish personal identification number
NIF (número de identificación fiscal) – Fiscal identity number (company)
Nota simple informitava – Land register certificate – local search
Notario – Official authorised to certify contracts
Obligación personal – Obligation to pay tax as a resident
Ocupación maxima – Maximum occupancy
Parcela – Plot
Perito – Expert
Permiso de obra menor – Minor building permission
Plan parcial – Urbanisation plan
Planta – Floor or level
Plusvalia – Value added tax
Poder – Authorisation
Posesión – Possession
Precio de venta – Sales price
Procurador – Barrister
Promotor – Promoter
Propiedad – Property
Propietario – Owner
Proyecto de ejecución de obras – Building execution
Recepción definitiva – Construction completion
Registro de la propriedad – Land Register
Representante fiscal – Fiscal representative (financial representative)
S.A.(Sociedad Anónima) – Association
S.L.( Sociedad Limitada) – Limited Company
Saneamiento – Reconstruction
Segregación de fincas – Country property positioning
Separación a linderos – Distance between plots
Servidumbre de tránsito – Accessibility
Solar – Building plot
Suelo no urbanizable – Non building plot
Suelo rústico – Non permanent floor
Suelo urbanizable – Building land or plot
Suelo urbano – Urban area
Tarjeta de residencia – Residence card
Tasa – Fee
Toma de posesión – Take possession
Traspaso – Transfer
Urbanización privada – Private urbanisation
Uso de oficinas – Office use
Usucapción – When you obtain a plot for the period of time allocated by the courts
Usufructo – Rights of use
UTM – Plot number at the land register
Valor catastral – Land register value
Valor comprobado por la administración – Amount checked by Internal Revenue
Valor real – Real estate value
Zona de servidumbre de protección – Accessibility protected area. 

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