Friday, 5 August 2011

Financial Pages in Spain

First anniversary week

·        Pension Planning
·        Understanding Spanish Taxes
·        Investment choices
·        Spanish inheritance tax (ISD)
·        Residency issues

August 9th 2011 marks the first anniversary of this blog. To mark the event, for the week commencing Monday 8th August, I will be publishing a daily report of the biggest issues confronting English speaking people with a financial interest in Spain.

That’s Spanish property owners, British and Irish expats in Spain and those who love Spain and may want to know more.

One of the biggest problems I come across can be put down simply to something summed up in a saying often used in business;

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’

In it’s many guises I come across this situation on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean nothing can be done but its often more expensive to put it right!

Many people email me for very general queries and I’m always happy to help. But if you need professional advice I will tell you. One of my own favourite posts is this;

Ultimately, there is no substitute for professional advice.

Financial Pages in Spain is, primarily, an information service. You will notice if you read the blog there are no paid-for advertisements. However, I do link directly to services I am recommending.

  • Check your Spanish Inheritance Tax liability
  • La Torre Fx- Foreign Exchange gives you an option to choose between your Bank and a service set up, specifically, to compete and offer better rates
  • My Amazon link to books about Spain and other useful items

These links are here ============รจ

There is also my website, you will by now, recognise the name;

Feedback is very important, to this service and I welcome emails. Please let me know

  • Ideas for future articles
  • Information you need
  • A referral to a pre-checked professional service

Most important of all – enjoy Spain