Monday, 6 June 2011

Financial Pages in Spain – Readers Favourites

Readers’ Favourites Week


When I decided to run ‘Readers’ Favourites Week’ I wasn’t sure how it would workout. I should have had more faith! It has been a record-breaking week. For anyone with a Blog, I recommend Google Analytics which gives a total breakdown of activity on the site.

  • More people visited Financial Pages in Spain than any previous week

  • Spanish Inheritance Tax (ISD) is a major concern as more people read this post than any before, in a single week

  • Despite ‘knockers’ in the financial press, New Zealand QROPS is very popular with the readers and expats

There were five articles in the week and Google Analytics gives me the following statistics;

5th with 12.7% of the audience was ‘UK Pension, 100% Cash (Section 615)’

4th with 13.3% was ‘QNUPS – Qualifying Non-UK pension Schemes’

3rd with 18.4% was ‘QROPS – Question and Answers’

2nd with 19.6% was ‘New Zealand QROPS’

1st with 36.1% was ‘Spanish Inheritance Tax (ISD)’

Spanish Inheritance Tax is now receiving more attention as Expats and Spanish property owners become aware of the problem. There is a link on the right hand side of the blog which allows you to enter a few details and find out how it affects YOU. Alternatively you can contact me by email

To view more from ‘Financial Pages in Spain’ you might also like to visit the website at

Foreign Exchange
An additional service has also been launched which offers very competitive foreign exchange rates. I know this is a major concern to expats and property owners who need to make both one off lump sum transfers as well as regular payments. The service is called ‘La Torre Fx – Foreign Exchange’

It is NOT limited to Sterling and Euros but offers all major worldwide currencies. La Torre Fx will not be the best every time, but my pre-launch statistics showed that it beat major banks 80% of the time and the foreign exchange bureaux 60% of the trials. It’s seriously worth checking.

I have opened a separate website at
La Torre Fx uses a tried and trusted ‘platform’ and has full regulatory authorisation. Please take a look.