Wednesday, 9 March 2011

QROPS Factsheet

QROPS Factsheet free of charge is for readers of Financial Pages in Spain and is produced by the Publisher and Editor, David Goodall. It will be sent to you by return email and you have a ‘cast iron’ guarantee that your address will not be given to third parties. You will only be sent the QROPS Factsheet, any later updates and other completely relevant information. Request your free copy of QROPS Factsheet by sending an email .

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) have been around for less than five years. From my internet research, adviser reports sent to me and misinformation I have heard, there are many myths around. Very important issues are raised. There is also the opportunity to ask your own personal questions.

Following a request from a regular reader, I have decided to produce a QROPS Factsheet. It is not generally available but readers of my blog and website have the opportunity to ask for a copy.
      • Residency explained
      • The five year rule
      • The importance of jurisdiction
      • The Regulators
Further information is available at

Your copy of QROPS Factsheet is only available by email, based on the terms set out above and totally free of charge