Monday, 22 November 2010

SPECIAL - Pensions Week

Back in September, here on ‘Financial Pages in Spain’, I ran a QROPS Week. It produced lots of comment in the way of feedback. A number of issues have arisen since then, there have been significant developments and new products are available.

Week ending Friday November 26th will be Special Pensions week HERE. To get a daily benefit please save the link in your favourites and check out all of the articles.

  • QROPS -  Different jurisdictions


  • New Zealand in focus

  • Pension Reciprocation Plan (PRP)

One of the most common questions I get is, ‘what is the best jurisdiction for QROPS or QNUPS’ There are two straightforward answers

  1. It very much depends on individual circumstances
  2. Determining the best jurisdiction may be difficult and can be subjective but if you are Spanish resident the worst jurisdiction is Spain!

These and other topics will be discussed in the week.

The Pension Reciprocation Plan (PRP) was developed to allow pension plan holders to raise cash for any purpose. I have received interest from Estate Agents who need to raise cash from their clients because banks now need larger deposits. I have also helped someone to start his own business using funds raised through PRP. If you want details, immediately, please email me

Twelve months ago, a very senior and experienced International Financial Adviser stated that ‘New Zealand QROPS are illegal and people who withdraw the cash will be fined’ How wrong can you get. New Zealand is now a major player in the QROPS Market and many people have benefited without threats from people who should know better. The development of New Zealand Foreign Trust (NZFT) is a major advance with a very flexible Trust. If you have a need or want more information, please email me

These issues will appear HERE on a daily basis.

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I’m always wiling to answer queries on a personal basis. If you send me a brief scenario of your circumstances, I will give you my honest and experienced opinion. David’s email