Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Spanish Mortgages

……and mortgages for properties in Spain – there is a subtle difference.

  • Independent Mortgage Advice

  • No up front fees

  • British firm based in Spain
I like to tell things as they are, straight to the point and always honest. My knowledge of the mortgage market in Spain is very poor. Fortunately for me, I know a man who is not just very knowledgeable but I trust him as I know him to be honest.

These qualities are vital in Spain as the mortgage market is not regulated and full of sharks!

You could, of course, go direct to a bank – but which one? Who has the best rate? Who has hidden costs in the small print? It is much better to see a trusted man who speaks your language and who can talk to all of the banks.

Henry Slade who is the Principal of La Vida Mortgages is the man in question. After honourable services in the military, Henry worked in a well known bank in the mortgage department. The lure of Spain called and he set up his own business.

I asked Henry to write an article for my Blog but his piece was far too modest so I’ve written it for him.

For further details, log into his website or call him for information.

Tell him David sent you! Wherever you are based in Spain or UK/Ireland, Henry can help.

Without the qualities I mentioned above, I would never recommend anyone.

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