Thursday, 30 September 2010

September in summary


  • International Pension Planning

  • Lost, mislaid and forgotten accounts

As we have reached the last day of the calendar month, I thought I would reflect on the main issues and topics from the 14 posts in ‘Financial Pages in Spain’ during September.

The most feedback in terms of readers contacting me was without doubt the topic of QROPS. During October I will update the post 'QROPS - Questions and Answers' to incorporate some of your queries. I’m always pleased to receive emails

Using the statistics provided by my service contractor, I can also indicate the most popular posts in terms of the number of people who visited the pages. They were, in order;

  1. Lost, mislaid and forgotten Accounts

  1. New Zealand QROPS

If you need advice please email me for connection to an authorised and regulated adviser.

  1. QROPS Week Feedback

The blog is also being read far and wide. So far, according to my statistics, it has been read in 16 countries. Not surprisingly, the furthest away being New Zealand.

The top three in order;

  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • France

It is great to be able to give you the feedback and readership popularity but I thought I’d also tell you what I enjoyed most of all.

Most of my writing comes from personal experience as an adviser, from my first hand knowledge in Spain and lots of reading to keep up to date with trends and changes. However, one article that pleased me enormously was the one on Section 615, UK Pension, 100% cash’. So why did I enjoy that one?

  • Based on a fairly ‘old’ piece of legislation, Income and Corporation Taxes Act (ICTA) 1988, I needed to do extensive research to bring myself up to date
  • Most expats that I come across are those who have retired in Spain. Section 615 was a new challenge – its one for the workers! Those who live and work in Spain. This is genuinely a great opportunity.
  • It was good to raise a subject which few advisers know and to give a brief insight into a ‘new’ subject from a tried and tested piece of legislation

I would also like ideas. If any reader thinks that there is a subject that I should cover, please drop me an email