Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lost, forgotten and misplaced Accounts (updated)

I thought that QROPS week had been very successful and the feedback was really good to receive. However, in visitor numbers the most hits have been on 'Lost, forgotten and misplaced accounts'.

I have updated the blog as I found an extra website which may add to your searches. My original post mainly centred on pensions, life policies and bank accounts. I have found a website which includes lists, which may themselves trigger reminders of items you have mislaid.

Given the number of privatisations and building society conversions to banks, many of you may also hold shares. If you might have lost, misplaced or forgotten about these shares please try this link

I hope that your searches are profitable! If you find more sites please email me

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PS If you recover lots of cash, please remember the guy that told you about it!

If you have your own question, I’d be delighted to answer it. Those of you who live in Spain or intend to live in Spain should be very careful when choosing an adviser. Any adviser can advertise on the internet or in a newspaper but that does not guarantee that they are properly authorised and regulated.

You can write to me with your personal experiences or to be put in touch with my recommended adviser by sending me an email